Knit, Knit, Knit


Ah, yes – what holiday is complete without the essential purchase of composting toilet bags? I’ve just ordered several for our family summer trip on the high seas. Apparently the Scandinavians don’t dig pumping raw sewage into their waters, which is fair enough. The thought of dealing with bags of sewage, however, and the ever-present threat of “Boy Overboard” is enough to send me over the edge, but one must soldier on. I have great faith that my seafarer father will stop any disasters – after all I survived, along with my siblings, many a voyage. Tethering my sons to the rigging wearing miniature life-jackets should do the trick – for their safety of course, not just for some quiet time drinking in the sun.

For the moment though, thoughts of our watery-camping style holiday will have to take a back seat – there are still many glorious child-free weeks to savour before The Summer Holiday.


As you can see above, my knitting efforts have been bounding along. I manage about 8 rows a night, which includes one black stripe and one coloured stripe. At this rate, I’ll be done by the time winter sets in, hurray!

The colours are great, and I’m feeling so confident that I’m going to attempt knitting whilst watching Borgen, my latest Nordic Noir pleasure. Not since the days/lost hours and hours of watching The Killing (another Danish subtitled delight), have I attempted such feats of brain power.  All of this must be achieved in the upcoming crucial four weeks, before everything grinds to a halt and one must spend the long summer days herding, entertaining and hiding from ones children long enough to micro sleep. Better crack on then.




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