Winter Is Coming!


Fooled you! No it is not winter yet, not even close, but I have been knitting blankets anyway. I have no idea why I seem to knit heavy, hot and large blankets in the summer, but it does seem to be a bit of an annual pattern. Granny’s Garden was last year’s effort, Rainbow blanket before that, yoyo throws before that, I could go on. This year, filled to the brim with “Game of Thrones” (a must-have viewing), I have decided to name Mr LouBug’s new blanket “Game of Throws”


Made from two big balls (200g each) of James Brett’s Marble Chunky, which I managed to get half-price in the high street, I cast on 100 and knit until it was all used up. It worked out at just over a metre by about 70cms, which is a good length for keeping laps warm and drafts out in our Victorian built house. I have already planned to make myself one in a different colour-way, but as I prefer narrower and longer throws I think I will cast on 80 for mine. Drum roll please, and I give you “Game of Throws” (guarded by a terrible dragon).


And guarded it needs to be. Cat decided to move in to the blanket (as possession is nine-tenths of the law) while it was still on the needles. In true Game of Thrones style, I thought that the armies would start massing for war and the banners would be called.


So far, this mighty battle of wills was only narrowly been avoided by the hot day, but Mr LouBug will have a fight on his hands when the temperature drops.  Don’t tell him, but my money is on Cat winning!


I am really pleased with how it has worked out, the pure acrylic is quite soft and the colour wash is nice and autumnal. Perfect Mr LouBug colours!

Now time to slay a dragon and win the north!










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