Slush Puppies


Well, the crazy dash to the end of the year continues, but here is one more over-the-line and in the “win” pile. Ladies and gentlemen I give you my “Slush Puppy” socks.


Just like real Slush Puppies, they are sweet, chock full of colour and made me go hyper at the mere sight of them. Made from the surprisingly bright Regia Fluromania yarn (which I love so much I have now got it in every colour-way I could find). It was made in my standard “booty” sock pattern.

Perfect for when the winter months make boot wearing a must and bright enough to banish the winter blues. Oddly, I noticed that I had accidently co-ordinated my socks to the octopus bag (I will admit that I was so pleased that I felt the need to point this out to everyone who came within a four block radius). Proof that I can, occasionally, match an outfit!


Looking at my remaining bright babies, I think that the purple and pink version of this might need some kind of lace going on (as the colour blocks are a good 20 rows long). I am already looking thoughtfully at something with hearts or zig zags. But that will have to wait as I am determined to cut the number of active projects first, let us see if I can resist casting on until the end of term!


The “Timey Wimey” socks for Mr LouBug are next up on my finish list (as I am one sock down and next one already cast on), so I shall resist the siren call of the Fluromania. No, seriously I will. I am my own woman. I can do it. Really?









2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Twisted Yarn
    Jun 19, 2014 @ 18:19:42

    Wow, those socks are fabulous.


  2. LouBug
    Jun 19, 2014 @ 21:58:54

    And even brighter in real life! Basically, they are socks crossed with highlighter pens


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