George Bear From Let’s Knit


Here he is. George. Taken from a free pattern in last month’s Let’s Knit. I’ve given him a slightly “office loon” look with his improvised bow tie. He’s like one of those colleagues whose dedication to the firm has reached double digits, perhaps even adorning their desk with a little sign “you don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps!”

Life clearly is not as fast-paced as it should be – I am now making up personalities for my knitted teddy. This is very bad. Very, very bad.

George plus Eggberts


Still, the sun is shining and the temperature is hovering around 25 degrees – so clearly a great time to be ploughing on with my chunky knit lap blanket!

I’m aiming for one black stripe and one (6 row) colour stripe a night (before I merrily collapse snoring in front of some terrible Sky Living programme). As I said, a fast-paced life indeed.


I’ve completed the three colour stripes that I’m planning, so I’m back on the pink next. It’s all garter, which basically means I’m far more likely to tackle it during my prime knitting time (fatigued at the end of the day).

All the other patterns I’ve seen are all light-weight lace knits. How I’d love to churn out a delicate scarf or shawl, and how tempting despite my many failed efforts and clear lack of skill. I’m more likely to be chosen as a last-minute substitute for the World Cup team than I am to successfully complete one of these wonders. Lace knitting has become like a bad relationship, I know 4 ply is not my type, but I can’t help thinking it’ll be different this time!




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