Deramores Blog Awards 2014


Wow here we are (bottom, third in from the left) – the results are in!

Honourable mention for the LouBugKnits Blog for the Deramores Blog Awards 2014!

“Highly commended by the judges”

Our runner-up blog post featured Oliver the Fox Pillow, and our “Pass it On” tips for a professional finish. Congratulations to the winners, The Twisted Yarn, who won the knitting category, and Betsy Makes , winner of the crochet category.

LetsGetCraftingCongrats  FreePattern

I know LouBug really enjoyed writing the post, with a little editing from me, KnitWit. We certainly enjoyed knitting the fox pillows!

Thank you to all who clicked through and read the blog – we’ve had a record ‘page view’ today of 738 (and counting!). If you like what you’ve read, please follow us on Twitter (@LouBugKnits) or have our blog emailed to your inbox (details on the right-hand-side).


LouBug often posts free patterns, and you can follow LouBug on Ravelry, and me (KnitWit aka Stitchbotch) on Ravelry as well. LouBug has also created a handy Library of Well-Loved Knitting Books for honest reviews on some great knitting books & patterns which are out there.

Congratulations again to all the winners and “honourable mentions”!



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