The Bright Knitted Lap Blanket


As the week progresses, so too do my works in progress. However, as it is half term this means that everything is destined to go at a snail’s pace. Getting out of the house, sloth-like. Getting places, glacial. Knitting my new lap blanket, just taking it one row at a time. Like a deep-sea diver in a ten tonne suit, I have been presiding over my domestic arrangements in sloooowwww motion.

Trying to leave the house one day this week, Boy #1 arrives in full Peter Pan costume closely followed by Boy #2 in a swimming suit.  I miss the days when I could have bundled them both into a double buggy, thrown a blanket over any unsuitable horror outfits, and marched on out of the house. Suffice to say, trying to leave the house this week has been somewhat…trying. It has involved a lot of clapping and bellowing.


Worry not, dear readers, all has not been lost! A reward! A teeny glimmer of hope in my domestic desert. Two days, and most importantly an undisturbed overnight stay at LouBug HQ. Three wedding dress shops, a trip to the yarn shop, a Chinese take-away and an evening with the Colchester knit ladies. I must have been a saint in a former life.

After my (second) tragic effort at lace knitting (crime-scene evidence below), I half heartedly started knitting the George Bear from the latest Let’s Knit freebie knit kit. The lace knitting horror killed my mojo, and the bear is knitted but has been left abandoned waiting to be knitted together. Knitting lethargy all round. Boo hoo.




LouBug to the rescue though – and back to the familiar and most favourite chunky. Like a nuclear pink shot of Calpol, this Liquorice Allsort coloured chunky lap blanket has brought me back to full health. I even purchased some 6mm circular needles for the occasion.


The pattern, a LouBug special, is reasonably basic and perfect TV fodder. All knitted in garter – I’m sure I could even manage the next series of The Killing without botching it.


The orange is going to be substituted with the blue, and away I go. With only 6 weeks until The Summer Holidays, one must knit fast (and complete any urgent tasks that require full use of my brain and two hands). The final count-down has begun, gah!




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