A Small Issue Of Casting On


As I mentioned, I have had a small series of “making” explosions recently. Firstly yarn. Even I will admit that my recent level of yarn purchasing has tipped from reasonable to rebellious. I love, love, love all of it (and it is all beautiful and I will use it…eventually).The guilt is setting in and I think I had better buy sensible things (like work clothes and underwear) for a bit and knit down the stash.


BOOM! Next explosion was in bag making. I bought some lovely fat quarters on holiday and from Ally Pally, but didn’t really do much with it. Happily they are now fulfilling their craft destiny and keeping my projects looking lovely! Unfortunately, as soon as I have a new bag I immediately want to use it. I would like to say that I simply re-homed an existing project, but we would both know I would be lying.


Then there was the great stitch marker conversion plan. I have recently fallen in love with the 12mm jump rings you can get at John Lewis. These humble little unbroken rings of metal magically make my stitch markers look a billion times more professional (with the added bonus that they don’t snag). Over a decade of knitting I have accumulated quite a range of stitch markers (I am always on the lookout for little bead charms that I can use). They even have their own special box. Different sets have their own little zip lock bags. I tend to deploy them to match the bag and project. Yes, I know, but it could be worse (I could collect creepy china cats) and now they are gradually getting a makeover. The added bonus of the jump rings is that I can slip a chain into them and they make rather cute pendants.


All of this has danced around the edge of my small issue with casting on. The Yarn Harlot refers to it as “startyitis” but for me it is more of an explosion. All seems normal and then I look away for five minutes and BOOM suddenly there are several new projects on the go. A lady would not fully admit to the extent of the problem (but I am now out of row counters and anything above 40cm knit pro cables). All I will admit to is that I now have two cardigans, one jumper, two blankets and many socks, scarves and socks.

The real question is, will I actually resist simply buying more counters and cables…..










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