Still Water And Hot Fire


The warm weather has resulted in a rare burst of speed in my knitting and projects have been flying off the needles in the last couple of weeks. Naturally this has been matched by a worrying level of casting on (and if I am worried then you know there must be more than a few new projects on the go).


First up, something still, calm and spring-like (picture daffodils in a field with a clear sky above). I give you Sprung (see above). I am really happy about the way the yarn has washed in and out of the colour changes. This is from the yarn super bargain I got at Get Knitted in Bristol over the summer, and I am pleased to report that I have three more balls (in different colour ways) still to enjoy.


Annoyingly, it is a tiny bit out of sync on the toes (despite being exactly the same row count and matching exactly earlier), but even I concede that it is barely visible especially with the curve over the top, so I think I will let that one be.


Another thing in the finish pile – I give you my self-medicating stress socks (see above). As I am sure you remember, these socks were a point of high necessity after a particularly hard week with deadlines and crazy levels of marking pounding at my door. There was none of the usual ‘calmly getting the yarn out, short listing, narrowing down and eventually selecting the top choices until the winner is found’. Nope, this was a quick mental review of what was available (and near the top) and then grab and cast on while my brain continued to frizz.


Many people would worry that my brain needed bright pink socks to chill out but I am lovin’ the bright pink “Honolulu” Jitterbug (mmmm Jitterbug). The photo doesn’t do the bright pink justice, but trust me, it does indeed look like red-hot magma peeking out from under a burnt liquid metal crust.

Now, back to my knitting frenzy!










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