Yarn (Hang) Over #knitting


And now it is birthday time again! Check out the carrot cake my Dad made!

This year the universe smiled on me as OFSTED didn’t make an appearance (I kid you not, they came on my birthday last year). Instead I got sunshine, fine food and pampering! I would like to give a big thank-you to my friends and family for my lovely presents. A big shout out to KnitWit for my lovely book (a Blurb hardback printed book of all of our blog posts so far – who would have thought we had written so much). Here’s to volume 2!


As the wrapping paper is tidied and work returns to normal, I think I am now suffering a bit of a yarn hang over. I have been (relatively) restrained recently and mostly been keeping to my one in, one out sock yarn reduction plan and I have managed to reduce the summer holiday over-spill bag.

Unfortunately, I sort of lost all self-control over the Easter break and, with birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, the yarn shops gave their siren call. There are no two ways about it, I have definitely over-indulged and even Mr LouBug isn’t fooled that I only spent my birthday cash. This has gone beyond struggling to do the metaphorical top button of my jeans up and moved on to buying large tents and cutting a hole for my head in the top.


This isn’t even all of it. This is just the yarn I needed to sort into storage today. I am not sure I really want to admit to all of it, especially after Mr LouBug innocently asked if Ally Pally was early this year. Luckily I am somewhat skilled at storing/hiding yarn, so soon he won’t see a thing…..


First up on my stash shaming/gloating is my new best friend. Hello Fluromania. I first eyed up this eye-popping new yarn by Regia on my birthday money trip to the Tiptree Cheap Shop. The top two photographs do not do it justice, this stuff simply glows like an 80s disco dancer’s dream sequence. I was so impressed with it that I instantly bought the other two when I saw them in Cambridge (I only popped into John Lewis for some 12mm jump rings). I may have squeaked. Yes, I definitely think there was a little squeak (and possibly a burst of speed) when I spotted this GLOWING from the other side of the store.

yarn 6

While I was in Cambridge it would have been rude not to pop to the Sheep Shop (especially on national yarn shops day). But it was definitely not good for my ability to close the stash box, as they just happen to stock Sparkleduck. Locally dyed in Cambridge, it comes in bright eye-popping colours and I just love the colour-ways. Jitterbug better watch its back, there is another contender for the top spot in my most favourite yarn list!


But Jitterbug need not worry just yet. Sadly the Cheap Shop are not getting any more in as the supplier has raised the cost, so I did my bit to help them clear the existing stock. I know, I am just self-less like that… It looked particularly “bonfiry” next to the bright toxic Regia in my basket and I am already dreaming of a pair of autumn socks.


Lastly (for today) I will show you the yarn I got on my birthday trip to Bury St Edmunds (home of Wibbling Wools). It looked nice enough until I spotted the picture on the ball band and then it had to come home with me. Ok, I was a year too late to win the Mini Cooper, but check out the bold self-stripe pattern. I have used mock fair-Isle yarn before, but this definitely decided to go up a notch and it should look like a TV test pattern when done.

And now I had better see if I can do up my actual top button on my jeans. Time for a double diet me thinks…





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  1. thesheepshop
    May 21, 2014 @ 16:55:12

    You’d be amazed at how common squeaking is in yarn shops 🙂


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