Logging On


I am not sure what it is about the coming summer months, but this is the second year on the trot when I see sunshine and cast on a blanket. There is something quite rewarding about big, simple projects and blankets have the added bonus of being incredibly useful as well. Even I admit I have a surprising amount of socks, scarves and bags, but you can never have too many blankets.


I have decided to have a go at a log cabin blanket (as seen in the Mason Dixon knitting book). It has an interesting construction technique (but still nice and easy) that builds on each section. I love the use of colour in the book, but at a whopping 24 balls I decided to stash dive before hitting the shops.


I am happy to report that my stash is in good health and managed to deliver exactly what I wanted with minimal compromise on the pattern.


I got these 500g packets of wool from two different Ally Pally trips (Black Sheep Wools– bargain!) and I have failed to find a good pattern match as the colour wash was hard to match up. Seriously, the blue has failed to be three different jumpers (raglan, bottom up and a sleeve) and the purple failed to be a bag. I was starting to lose hope in ever using it, but it occurred to me that I could do a two sides purple, two sides blue night/day transition effect with the colour wash adding interest.


Being me I decided to jump right in and give it a go. Problem number one, I didn’t realise that each round has one strip that is “blocked” in (I thought it would create a spiral effect with each strip overlapping – wrong!). This meant that my plan of alterative colour stripes gently spiralling crashed in a fiery heap and a re-think was needed.


Time to do some planning! Me (and my highlighter pens) to the rescue! After getting my head around the construction, I decided to do opposite coloured corners.


Problem number two. I didn’t like the way that the blocks merged into each other (as the stripe effect is what I wanted).


I had hoped that the transition yarn would make the strips more distinct, but it didn’t really pop out. This issue became more of an issue when I started the second round and I realised that the interesting construction would be lost (it kind of looked like a mitre square gone a bit wrong).


So a quick stash dive later I found a couple of hundred grams of a nice purple/blue. So the new plan is to start each row with two rows of blue and then switch to the main colour. This (pleasingly) has created a border around each strip creating distinct blocks. Thankfully it has worked, as it was one more frog away from the Time Out Corner.


With luck it should look like a bit like this.




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