(Self) Published Glory!


No lucrative advance, peer-review, book-launch party hoopla for LouBug and me – but published authors nonetheless! Okay, fine – self published. I did (many moons ago) actually have a job in publishing, so should know the difference. I am prepared to gloss over this teeny detail though and will allow myself to become disproportionately over-excited at our glorious coffee table book. The first 15 months’ worth of blog posts and photos commemorated in one place. Oh the excitement!


Thanks to blurb.com I uploaded all of our blog posts and photos so far (all 166 pages of them!). An entire week of editing, faffing, re-jigging and proofreading culminated in the birth of this hard-back wonder. To add to the excitement, I had to keep quiet and not burst forth with updates to the one person that would actually appreciate my efforts. LouBug. My cunning plan was to create this literary master piece as a birthday present. This (not entirely) selfless act also lead to me also getting a copy. A present for both of us! The next cunning plan is to work out how to turn it into an e-book and put it on Amazon. Much like alchemy, we can turn wool into gold!


The concluding blog post for the book, not actually posted on WordPress, was as follows:

“As you can see, the Fox Pillow is still a WIP. A Work In Progress. I thought I’d end Volume I of Our Knitting Journey with a woolly embodiment of what this blog is about. Just some musings about knitting. Never-ending knitting. A constant Work In Progress.

Looking back over the past 15 months’ worth of blogs, a few final musings:

1. Birthdays, babies, holidays, house moves, events, outings, even an engagement – all woven into the fabric of this blog. All bringing a small smile as I re-read them. All seen from our unique woolly angle.

2. Seeing these 166 pages in all their glory, I feel proud of what we’ve both created. Something out of nothing. Something fun, enjoyable and skilled. Something to show for our time that is extraordinary.

3. Finally, I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve knitted. Especially LouBug. All brilliant. All life-enhancing. Even that weird knitted elephant…


And finally, a few wise words from LouBug’s favourite blogger, The Yarn Harlot:


“It’s a mystery, each ball of yarn…and I don’t know what each one is going to be or what life it will take when I finally set needles to it. But each one will be something I made with my own two hands. This yarn, then – my whole big sweeping stash – is the stuff of dreams.”





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