Pondering On


Well, it has been a busy week and with the GCSE deadline looming knitting time has been a bit reduced. However, I did managed to get another flower finished on Friday. I am not convinced by the yarn pattern combo as it looks a bit like a Christmas themed brillo pad. I basically made the mistake of going down a needle size (common practice when knitting toys as it helps the small parts keep better shape), but it didn’t work as the shape needed to be drawn in and it ended up stiff and scratchy.


The pattern is nice as it is basically a square with some YO holes that you thread a draw string through and pull the petal shapes in. I am going to try this pattern again but in a looser size and softer yarn and try to play with making the centre darker (maybe with eyelash yarn) to give it a poppy/anemone look to it. I could also see it working well with stripes (especially on the purl facing welts), or with a transition colour.


Definitely one to play with!



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