I Cheated!


I am a bad person. The worst. I cheated on the most wonderful thing in the world. Ladies, gentlemen, knitters of the world, hear my shame. I cheated on knitting.


This wasn’t just the friendly flirtation with crochet (which knitting knows is nothing serious). This was a lost long weekend deep in the arms of cross-stitch. Yes, I said it. Cross-stitch.

Now it is an odd thing. There is a lot of talk over knitters and crocheters being at each other’s throats (which I have never understood as they are basically both playing with yarn); but very little about knitters and cross-stitchers. Even in the great and wonderful world of Ravelry there is little to be said about the two crafts mixing. Perhaps they just attract different types of makers, like blacksmiths and weavers. I have always teased my cross-stitching friends that it is basically painting by numbers (they just point out that I spend hours making socks), but it can be quite restful.

I blame the crazy week before the Easter break (with a serious drop off in available knitting time). All my planned lace knitting went quickly out the window as my poor fried brain needed to re-group.


Now, it all started innocently enough. I made this cross stitch seahorse as a lavender drawer pouch a few years ago, and I found it while sorting my clothes out. It did seem an awful waste to put it back into the dark for another few years before seeing it again, so I unpicked the back and added it to a project bag. A few sequins later and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.


A brief pop to the Tiptree Cheap Shop later (for birthday yarn, more on that later) and I treated myself to a cross-stitch kit. With a certain happy event coming next summer, it seemed like a perfect thing to add to a project bag that could be used for honeymoon shawls. And of course, I added sequins.


The crazy train was now full power ahead, and I had a sort out of my craft box and unearthed this half-finished kit.  I was given this duck kit about five years ago and I have been pecking at the edges of it on and off (mainly out of guilt, as it was a well-meant gift). The yellow body and one of the legs had been done, and in my cross-stitch frenzy I turned my eye to it and squared my jaw. I have added the legs, flowers and most of the green, but there is a lot of green to go. A serious, unending amount of green.

So, like the big cheating cheater that I am, my heart is turning back to my true love. Knitting, I’m coming home.



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  1. Christine
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 21:24:20

    There is no need to feel shame, or that you’ve cheated. Knitting and cross stitch both involve the use of needles. Embroidery floss is still yarn of a kind, after all. Your conscience can be cleared. You have not crossed (see what I did there?) to the dark side of stitchery. It’s just a different type of craft, that’s all. Cross stitchers have a similar mindset to knitters and crocheters – creating something with a pointy thing. For further proof that cross stitching is Worthy, Google Love Quilts UK (they make quilts from cross-stitched panels – a friend of mine co-runs it).


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