Booties – To Give Or Not To Give…


Here they are, the booties. Modelled by Franken-Elephant, no less. These Let’s Knit “Imp” booties are a proposed gift – my first knitted gift to someone with whom I neither share a surname with, nor have given birth to. My agony is this – are they good enough?!


This is an improvement on my last attempted knitted gift, where the baby bootie was so cute that I kept it (bad person, bad knitter). This is far more serious…serious in the sense that I may need to get myself to the shops before the weekend. Not serious in the sense that I should be poised to call the emergency services/find a fire extinguisher in a “pronto” manner.

It seems there are no boundaries when it comes to adorning my own home with knitted horrors (my latest being a knitted duck, complete with its own knitted pond hee hee). When it comes to cluttering up someone else’s home, I’m all of a sudden hesitant. Oh woe, what is one to do? Hand them over with apologetic mumblings? Stash them away and present an assortment of useful, yet boring, shop-bought baby onsies?


Technically, they are looking pretty good. No botched stitches or random holes and they aren’t terrible to look at. My fragile knitting ego might not take the rejection though, or there might be an awkward silence when once wrestled onto the baby it transpires they don’t actually fit. Such terrible thoughts! The only reasonable response to this is perhaps to post the booties anonymously, like knitted spam. Either that or I shall get one of my small children to present them, and deny all knowledge. Oh the agonies…



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