See It Sparkle


The pink sparkle scarf is now done! After the trauma of the cobweb scarf, it is fantastic to have a scarf that has cast on correctly and powered through with yarn to spare. A most important fact, as my enjoyment of the cobweb scarf is forever scarred by running out of yarn and then having to repeatedly frog and re-do. And frog and re-do. And frog and re-do. And try not to throw against the wall as I frogged and re-did it AGAIN!


The yarn is “Reflection” by Creative Yarns, and I really like the way that it fades from a dusky purple/pink to a barely -there white/pink. Even better than that, the transition has resulted in three blocks of dark in a nice symmetrical way. You cannot really see in the picture, but there is a sparkly thread running through it which catches the light in a cute twinkle effect. The yarn is also nice and soft (the cobweb scarf had to be so aggressively blocked that it lost all bounce and softness and felt like a Brillo pad).


One good thing about the cobweb scarf horror is that after 60 stitches for 264 rows, the pattern has burned into my brain and enabled a bit of speed. This has left my 30 stitch rows in 4 ply feeling like hyper-drive as the rows flow past. I didn’t keep a row count (as I am not doing a side trim that needs to be plotted) but it is well over a meter which must be about 150 – 200 odd rows.


I decided to block it to make it wider (as it was already quite long) which should make it useful as a summer dress wrap (so I can look like a glamour princess). The yarn has remained quite soft (helped by the lack of frogging, which stripped parts of the cobweb yarn bald) and being mainly acrylic it should wash and wear well. There was even enough to make a short jacket scarf.


Two scarves, and still smiling at the end. Not bad for a yarn that has been gathering dust in a project bag for months!



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