Quack Quack – The Eighties Are Back


Quack, quack, here he is – the knitted “party” duck. This duck has really lived up to his name – it isn’t so much the jaunty, sparkly crown that has given this duck the “party” look…more the crazy eyes-like-saucers. This duck has accidentally taken on the look of something that has downed 16 espressos,  complete with a cocaine chaser.  The Eighties are back! I am contemplating knitting this duck some giant shoulder pads and a filofax.

Just say “no” kids, let this duck be a lesson!


Despite my best efforts to get LouBug to sew the component parts together, she refused (the cheek!), and I had to do it myself. As ever, the head was a bit wobbly and left to its own devices the beast does actually just keel over (I blame the crazy eyes). Luckily my ducky has its own pond to swim on, which handily props up my little aquatic friend.


Yes, the eyes are mad and the finish isn’t perfect but it’ll fit in perfectly with my troop of other misfit knitted animals. Rest assured the (finally finished) knitted fox pillow and knitted gift booties are of far superior craftmanship. More on that later.

The pattern and knit kit for my party duck was from Sue Stratford Knits (The Knitting Hut).




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