Back From The Sun


Not literally, of course, just back from a holiday “in the sun” rather than “on the sun”. Hey, ho – either way I’m still as pasty-faced as ever. That’ll be the Factor 50 (that is still working its way out of my facial pores, ughgh). Still, better than the “burnt to a crisp” look my fellow compatriots were rocking.

Back to the matter in hand. In a few weeks I shall be welcoming a new baby into our home. Not mine, thankfully – no, an overnight guest plus new baby.

Being “Eco” types, I have decided they would be perfect candidates to receive a hand-crafted gift from me for their precious first-born son.


My record on this has not been great. A while ago I did knit a beautiful bootie for a friend who recently brought forth life (just the one, I didn’t get as far as actually knitting the other one). Unfortunately, the baby ended up with a present from Gap in the end, as I couldn’t be parted from my carefully knitted baby bootie (yes, it was that good!).

I am determined this will not happen again, so I decided early on that I would get to keep the test bootie for myself so that it can join the other one in the sad collection of lone knitted booties on my bookshelf. The only problem with this plan is that I have been so pleased with my test bootie it has been elevated to the grand status of actual gift bootie, and now that I am on the second one I’m already running out of steam to knit a third. They are so very cute though, and I am toying with the idea of enshrining them in a gift box, stuffed and mounted, so that they can just be admired from afar as a knitted nursery ornament.

(Pattern Let’s Knit)


As I plough on and knit that twin bootie, I am trying to weigh up whether it would be a terrible social faux pas to instruct the recipients of the gift booties that they should not actually be put on their baby’s feet, but admired from an elevated position. Hmmm…maybe I should head to Gap next week…



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