Get Stuffed!


Boo hoo! My lovely foxy pillow is STILL deflated and empty. I just can’t find anything suitable to stuff the poor beast with…and I have tried. Okay, fine…not “tried” in the sense of getting myself down to a haberdashery and parting with cash in exchange for some toy stuffing/miniature pillow. No, I mean “tried” as in prowled around my house in search of something suitable/very much second best. I have contemplated gutting a pillow that currently resides on my sofa, then there was the cute little croc pillow that I saw on Boy 2’s bed. I couldn’t do it though…I feared the reprisals.


I even ventured into our loft space. Not as bad as you may think, as I have recently implemented a detailed list that lives on the door. I had fears of it becoming an Aladdin’s cave of cr@p, and I wanted to avoid all the childhood flashbacks of toot disappearing up into my parent’s roof and never coming down again. Anyway, my best efforts of keeping the loft in order were not enough – it is still a nightmare of boxes. The one I wanted was barricaded behind other boxes and a light fitting. I couldn’t quite face dragging out the “camping” box in search of a small camping pillow I had a vague memory of, in order for my fox to be completed.

So here we are, un-stuffed. Short of filling it with £50 notes/old DK yarn/cotton wool or unwanted items of clothes (some of my other ideas), the fox will have to wait until I get to the shops…


In the meantime I have been busy with my duck. The one with the crown. Yes.


The only thing I have to say about this WIP, is LOOK AT THE TAIL!! Against my better judgement, I followed the instructions for the complicated cast off and (as promised) it resulted in the perfect looking duck tail. Joy!



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