Niting Blog


Behold my eldest son’s Mother’s Day efforts! The jury is still out as to whether this delightful celebration entitled “Niting Blog” represents a deep understanding and respect for fibre crafts, a celebration of my literary efforts and creative outpourings…or a sign I spend too much time preening the LouBugKnits blog. I fear I may have infiltrated his young brain with the idea that knitting blogs are VERY IMPORTANT and trump such frivolous pursuits as getting dinner ready on time. Either way, clearly my knitted delights have had quite an impact and are at the forefront of his mind when thinking of how to make an A4 celebration for his mother.


“This is a girl knitting a flower. Now she is putting her flower on the blog”

In a nutshell, this pretty much sums things up. Things get knitted. Things get put on the blog. I guess he could have written a short story about my other time-consuming pursuits, perhaps laundry or washing-up, so in some respects I feel happy that my five-year-old has seen beyond my domestic servitude. One small step for feminism, one giant leap for clearly not doing enough laundry/washing up for my son to think of my efforts as “domestic servitude”.

Moving on…special mention should go to In-Law-HQ, who gallantly pushed through the crowds at Olympia’s latest knitting show to bring me back treasure!


A knitted duck, complete with crown! I understand from the front-line report that Olympia this year was pretty good. LouBug and I didn’t go this year, partly because we’re still getting through our autumn loot from Ally Pally!


I shall be embarking on this aquatic delight asap and reporting back forthwith.



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