Sock It To Them


Finish Up February is slowly still chugging along (yes, I know it is now March), and has resulted in a new finished pair of socks.  Admittedly the pair breaks the “rules” as I cast on when I shouldn’t have had, but it is my game and I can change it when I want to!  I like the colour-way, as the grey and purple sits well together and being Regia I already know that they will wash and wear like iron.


And now I have cast on a gorgeous new pair with a really cool colour-way.  It is from the summer yarn holiday explosion (Get Knitted in Bristol) and happily I have three more in the same brand and hopefully the same wash/transition of colours.


These are just what the doctor ordered as the dreary days are starting to brighten and green things are starting to emerge.  I especially like that they reflect my current garden view of green grass, yellow flowers and blue sky.  I have called them “Sprung”, as I hope that they will herald the new spring (and an end to the dreary wet weather).


Talking of green things, my Zonki socks are chugging along.  These do require more brain power that I have (as the lace is wonderfully complex) but I really like the way they are coming out.  The leaves have a nice 3D puffy effect and the yarn over pattern really shows it off well.  I shall keep picking at these but I suspect that they won’t get done until Easter.


Well, my yarn diet isn’t going very well, but I have at least managed a one-in-one-out sock ratio with this lovely yarn now snuggling into the stash.  I like the Vincent colour-way (I used a different one on Mr LouBug’s Christmas socks) and it strikes me as a good autumny colour-way.  The blue will be better for summer, as it is eye-catching and a bit tropical watery.


I got this on the way to Braintree Free-Port, a little yarn shop that is basically a summer-house at the back of Cherry Tree garden centre.  It is a nice idea, and there are about a dozen of these summer-houses all with different shops in them.  This is nice as it allows small start-up businesses to rent small units that are lockable but also attached to a larger shopping area and is a great place to find new boutique shops.

Time to sit in the sun and knit!



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