Knitting Bleatings


Ok fine. LouBug wins. I even cheated slightly and ignored the intarsia instructions for the fox ears and LouBug STILL managed to knit TWO fox pillows in the time it has taken me to knit the front piece of one. I’d love to bleat on about how I didn’t have enough time, but instead I’m going to bleat on about my latest knit creation (bleat, sheep…geddit?! Ha ha ha).

Fish-brained as I am with my short attention span, I was merrily grappling with The Fox when the latest Let’s Knit plopped through my door. This month’s free kit was a teeny boucle sheep, needless to say The Fox was merrily cast aside…


As ever (see Frankenstein elephant and deranged mouse), my sheep is slightly “unusual”. It seems to have eaten too many pies and grown some crazy legs but loveable nonetheless. It also has taken on a slightly depressed look as it can’t really hold its head up properly (despite me trying to sew the back of its head to its body, ouch). I did toy with the idea of knitting it a small scarf to prop its head up, like I did for the poor unfortunate elephant I knitted with the floppy head. I should probably invest in some curtain rings for all of my future knitted toys to give them all a slightly ancient Burmese tribe look about them.

Anyway, distraction over. Back to The Fox. The front is complete (I even found a pair of small brown eyes for it), now to tackle the back. I have a slightly off piste idea for the back so hopefully no more distractions!



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