Small Knitted Delights


After the fun of knitting the foxy pillows I have decided to finally give into my inner five-year-old and knit some things just for whimsy.  This may sound an odd thing, but I do tend to knit practical things (socks, scarves, jumpers etc), as a part of me doesn’t see the point of knitting things for myself without a use.  Needing to find a use for things doesn’t always mean I knit boring things, after all my Granny’s Garden blanket was mainly an excuse to find a home for my knitted flowers.


After finishing the blanket and sewing on the pre-existing flowers I kind of ran out of steam to make any more and I forgot what fun they are to make.  It was really nice coming home in the sun on Friday and casting on a little daffodil and finishing it barely an hour later (although I think I may need to add a sixth petal!).  That kind of quick-win did boggle me (after all I usually count project time in days if not months) and I will freely admit that barely a cup of tea later I cast on a donut.


I made some knitted cakes for a birthday present a few years ago and I always meant to make myself some (as they were fun to make) especially when KnitWit started making them.  Now, technically this is a pin cushion (after all it must have a sensible use….), but really it is a stress relief knit.  I am especially pleased with the effect of holding a boucle yarn together with a plain to get the iced white/sugar frosted effect.  An evening’s work later and I was reeling from the fact that I had two new finished things.


I then considered all my plans for knitted Christmas decorations that got pushed out of the way in December, and I have decided to knit them.  Yes, I realise it is March, but when the weather is cold my mind turns to ways to keep warm (and the great Christmas knit is a time of great Time Hoovering).


So here is the first thing on the way, it will be a crocheted wreath in blue with white snowflakes on it.  Keen eyes will spot that I have padded out a coat hanger with pipe lagging, but I have made work for myself by joining the crochet in the round (I wanted to avoid a seam line) as I keep having to get out of the way of the damn thing.


I am also in the mood for something silly and big, so I think the time has come to knit a dinosaur.


Yep, you heard me.  I plan to knit a bright purple stegosaurus, for absolutely no reason other than it looks fun.  I might put a weight in the feet and put it to use as a door stop (so that it has the illusion of usefulness).

Viva la revolution!




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