The Difficulty With Not Gloating


I am not a particularly competitive person.  No, really!  Being rubbish at every sport I have ever tried (or had imposed on me by a very optimistic PE teacher), by being clumsy and neither fleet of foot or swift at swimming knocked it out of me early on.  This, coupled with being the youngest and least academic of three children, has left me little to get successfully competitive about.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of success and glory, but I prefer not to get competitive about them, as there is always someone better (and will happily pop your bubble by telling you).  I prefer to take my glory and aim to improve on personal bests, and I feel that this has made me a happier person.


So, how best to handle the fact that my incredibly competitive sister has barely finished HALF her pillow in the time it has taken me to knit the front and back of two?

A petty person would dwell on the “butt-slapping” I get each year at the annual 5k charity Race for Life, when I am tragically lapped by KnitWit.  A really petty person would dwell on being top trumped on school reports.   Or the fact that she can eat all the desserts she wants and still weighs less than my head. The potential for evil gloating is spread before me like a carpet of cashmere.


But, because I am lovely, I will instead dwell on the fact that I have been knitting a clear decade longer than her and that she has never done this technique before.  After all, it was hardly a fair race; it would be like Usain Bolt getting gloaty over winning an egg and spoon race.  Or like winning at cards against a small child.  Or like being better at Suduko than the cat. Hee hee….

So instead of gloating, I will give a slow hand clap to KnitWit whilst I sip wine and lean back on my two foxy pillows and bask in their glory.  Hee hee,  maybe she will try to race me on a pair of socks next!


Keen-eyed people will have noticed that the pillows are currently without eyes.  Sadly the buttons in the Let’s Knit kit were broken, but after I contacted the lovely people at Let’s Knit HQ they should be with me shortly.  In the end I knitted the back out of the green and then I decided to crochet the two halves together, which has created a pleasing piping effect on the edge.

How is your one getting on?



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