Foxy Progress


Oh miracle of miracles! I’ve managed to knit a brand new technique WITHOUT ANY MISTAKES! Actually that isn’t completely true – there was one small mistake…I started to knit a purl row by accident. This was only because I was too busy thinking about what a knitting GENIUS I was to have mastered the terrifying intarsia technique, and I was thus momentarily distracted.


I have read the Stitch ‘n Bitch chapter about intarsia several times in the past. Each time required a short period of recuperation with a cool damp flannel over my forehead. With the excitement of a potential knit-off on the cards though, I thought it time to face it head on. And here I am – a MASTER of the technique. Well, I am guessing I am – no bits of colour work have fallen out of the knit and I haven’t had any random knitting tails go awry. So victory is mine!


A bit early to claim total victory I guess, those with a keen eye for detail will note the work isn’t actually finished. But hey, I’m feeling confident. I suspect LouBug may well have finished her fox, but I am not beneath some sort of woolly sabotage. A last-minute secret trip to LouBug HQ may be in order to mess with her lines hee hee.



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