What Does The Fox Say?


As KnitWit has already mentioned, we have both decided to make Oliver the fox pillow from this month’s “Let’s Knit” supplement. I am pleased that my super shopper skills have helped (after all, does a pillow really have to be made in the finest cashmerino?). Ok, that would be gorgeously soft, but between cats and kids it really needs to be hard-wearing and machine washable.

I am especially pleased to have been able to split the balls/cost as the yarn I wanted only came in 100g balls.  I have already started thinking about the left-overs as even the largest of pillows isn’t going to need 150g of Aran (I am wondering if I might have enough to make a set of boy and girl fox pillows for the sofa…..).


Such a small amount of yarn is needed for the green ear triangles that I decided to delve into my overflowing stash instead of buying a 100g ball for roughly 10g of knitting. I had toyed with the idea of a felt applique triangle (and still might as it has been a while since I have done intarsia colour-work).  My stash diving has resulted in a roughly 50g left-over ball of green  Aran (the big green jumper yarn strikes again) and I think there is easily enough to do the back panel as well (plan B is to stripe it with the white).


Now, KnitWit said that we should do it as a race “for the blog” ( I can see straight through this and I think that she really wants to a chance to show off her new-found skills and beat me at my own game).  But it does feel a bit mean as I have already finished half of the fox face and I think she is still you-tubing tutorials.  Still the hare and the tortoise effect might still kick in as I do have the time handicap of a full-time vortex of a job (although she does have two small time vortexes of her own).

Hopefully I shall save face and finish first!  Anyone else out there doing the same pillow?



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