Finish up February – the Big Knitting Push


Momentum is building, Rows are being worked through. Things are being done.

Nothing has actually been finished, but I have been quite disciplined and focused on a few older projects which has helped them to gain momentum.


I started my main push on the double knitted star scarf, which was progressing well (two more stars done) but I have hit the wall.  Double knitting is interesting (and in fairness I plan to use it again) but it requires full attention at all stages which makes it feel frustratingly slow moving.

Admittedly this is because you are knitting the front and back at the same time – so obviously it takes longer as it is twice the amount of work. It can be disheartening to spend a full evening and only progress by 11 rows.  I am totally with the plan of shortening it to a snood (paging KnitWit!), but that still leaves three (to be honest probably four) stars to go.  Hopefully it won’t have to have another 18 month time out….


This weekend I have been blasting the cobweb scarf and it has grown impressively since I last blogged about it.  The main panel (58 stitches wide and a staggering 264 rows long) is done!

It was going nice and quickly by the end as I got into the rhythm of the pattern and I am already considering using the lace pattern to use up the recently frogged pink sparkly yarn.  My advice for anyone doing this is put a stitch marker between each repeat as it really helped me to speed along as my brain keyed into “stitch marker means YO” so all I really had to do was keep track of whether it was a knit or purl row.

I have now started on the trim, and after a few false starts I have got my head around how it joins to the sides.  The next challenge is the corners (I will have the book clutched to me like a security blanket), which I think I understand but I am a little wary of.

Definitely time to insert a life line!



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