Fox Off!


It’s a Fox Off! The combination of LouBug’s knitting ennui and my ever optimistic/deluded attempts to knit-compete with my dear sister has led us to this. LouBug has been momentarily defeated by a cobweb lace scarf, so a perfect time to strike. Get her while she’s down.

We’re both to knit the lovely fox pillow and share our wares on the interweb. Tragically I’m already on the back foot (having never attempted colourwork properly before), but one must soldier on.


LouBug has kindly sourced me some half-decent yarn, with a combined cost of about a fiver (a far cry from the £30 Rowan alternative). There is an outside chance LouBug has sabotaged the knitting loot, perhaps it is just colourful spaghetti? This is a risk I must take…


The pattern is from my trusty Let’s Knit (“Oliver”) and once complete it’ll look tots amaze in close proximity to my much-loved draught excluder (curse my sash window feature/heat sucking nightmare – the need for draught excluders on window sills isn’t normal, surely?!).


I haven’t actually cast on yet, and I would bet my last quid that LouBug has probably already finished the pesky cushion already…but wish me luck anyway!



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