Ratty Toerag


Here is my latest offering to the Knitting Gods. Hee hee hee. My new ratty friend was knitted from a pattern in this month’s Let’s Knit supplement:



As ever, this knitted animal effort of mine has a very similar “quality” to my last creation…Franken Elephant!


A wonky eye, a wonky head, even a curly foot. Darwin himself would have been proud to use this rat as a woolly prop as be bellowed “Do you see? Survival of the fittest! This rat cannot live!”



This poor runt of the litter was good fun to knit though, and involved my first foray into the devil four pointed needles for months and months. The thing to remember is, of course, KEEP THE WORK FLAT! I tried to remember this as I unravelled for the fourth time…


A good piece of advice was, however, taken from the sacred pages of Let’s Knit. Instead of faffing about doing an icord for the tail, I dusted off my knitting dolly thing. Amazingly it created a perfect ratty tail.


Much to my own untold personal joy, I have taken to hiding Toerag in various cupboards so as to freak out Mr KnitWit. And what else is knitting for, but to create untold personal joy?



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