Basket Weave Cushion


This basket weave square is the Madonna of my knitting world. It has changed direction so many times, morphing into different things along the way. It started life as a giant basket weave blanket, then changed direction to a basket weave “feature” blanket with garter trim as I was feeling lazy and has now settled on being the front of a cushion cover. I did ponder whether I could make a scarf out of the thing at one point. Desperate times.


By sheer luck it was the perfect size to cover the front of an old cushion I had lounging around on the sofa. The knitting gods were clearly shining down on me – or maybe they couldn’t bear the thought of a world where one more of my snoods was unleashed. The backing wasn’t the most classy of affairs, but a salvaged pillow slip. More tatty than vintage, but still a bit of a waste to throw out (despite the matching duvet cover being chucked some time ago after going through a mysterious process of shredding and disintegration).

Still, it does the job. I hand sewed the knitted square onto the top and sewed the pillow inside. Quite labour intensive, but I couldn’t think of another way of doing it.


Anyway, now with pillow fever I have spotted a rather excellent pillow in this month’s copy of Let’s Knit. Behold this foxy wonder:


The recommended yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. At £4.75 per ball, and 6 balls required it seems a little steep for a cushion that (let’s face it), I may make a right hash of. I shall be scouring the internet for alternatives, and reading up on the intarsia colourwork technique, but I think this one could be next on the list!



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