Open Work Infinity Scarf


Here it is – my latest offering.

After a hasty purchase at Alexandra Palace of about a gazillion of these Rowan merino wool balls (they were half price!), I have been wondering ever since what on earth to do with them all…


I’d already started on a massive blanket, got distracted by a 20 episode box-set of a Danish murder mystery, and abandoned it (more on that another time, the basket weave giant square has been put to good use, promise!). So what was I to do? Log on to Ravelry of course!

I put ‘Rowan biggy print’ into the search terms and a few crazy things came up – weird elf slipper boots for one, and a giant jumper. The feedback on the jumper was not good. Felting was mentioned at the mere mention of a wash, plus I didn’t fancy fending off comments about how I’d doubled in size over night (this wool is chuuuuuuunky).

A particular picture caught my eye though – a pleasing variation on my snood obsession, and with a nice, easy-to-follow pattern. The link led to and the pattern Open Work Infinity Scarf.


With massive 12mm needles and the super chunky, this scarf didn’t take long. The yarn overs in the pattern also mean that the scarf isn’t too dense.


Even with my limited attention span, I managed to imprint the pattern on my brain quickly, helped by the fact it is just a 12 stitch cast on – thus reducing the hazard of completely losing track.

Repeat row 1 until long enough to wrap around oneself twice:

Sl 1 (as if to purl), *k1 (yo, k2tog) twice; repeat from * to end, k1 (all credit to Knit 1 LA).




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