Blingin’ the Knittin’


Finish up February is plodding on and so naturally I have been distracted into doing other things.  To my credit I haven’t cast on anything new (well maybe just one, but I like to have an easy pair of socks in my work/school bag). My want for the new hasn’t gone away.


So, I have been directing this big ball of energy into embellishing another batch of project bags (because obviously I don’t have enough already).  I really love iron-on patches and I am fully aware of which ones are currently on sale in every craft shop in a 5 mile radius, as I always check the stands on my way to the yarn.


Seriously, they are great.  Small amount of effort (2 mins with an iron) and *boom* a nice little lift to an otherwise gorgeous bag.  Glittery butterflies – I am there; cute little octopuses – sparkle away; cartoon cakes – all mine!


Of all the bags made and played with, the pink butterfly one deserves a special mention as it was a bit of a fail-to-awesome bag.

All things being equal, I can get two bags from a fat quarter, one medium and a small sock bag. In order to keep the pattern repeat on the pink Cinderella fabric, I judged where to cut without measuring.  I happily made the medium drawstring bag and then made the small one but realised that the remaining fabric (even with a zip instead of drawstring) wasn’t big enough for a yarn cake.  It looked like an overstuffed sausage. I was so annoyed with it that there isn’t even any photographic evidence of it!


Cue sulking, especially as I had already ironed on the butterfly.  I hit on the idea of cutting the bag up and using it to make an applique patch but as I was sorting through my fabric box I found some lime green fabric, which I have now inserted as an oval base.  It is now my favourite sock bag and I think I will use it as a new style bag as the insides are very roomy.


Now, onto the knitting!



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