Starting the February Finish Up


Long term readers of the blog might remember my annual post-Christmas cracking of the WIP (work in progress). This is where projects face the question “Finish or Frog?”  This fits in nicely this time of year ,as I am too broke to go yarn shopping and desperate to start new things.  However, I cannot start new things as all of my row counters and all my 4mm interchangeable tips (and 2.5 DPNs) are in use.  Yes, I could just buy more, but then I would also end up buying more yarn (the only way to not buy yarn is to keep a 100 metre gap between me and the LYS).


So here it is, 2014’s “Finish up February”.  Ok, so I tend to start this in January (especially in the long gap between New Year and January payday) and I tend to end it at half term (as who could resist new projects and time off?). But, it’s February is when the real push kicks in.

The goal is to end up with at least six empty row counters by half-term (not casting on is the real challenge).  I usually start by opening every single project bag and rating it from frog to finish.  This then quickly shows two trends; projects that are good but been neglected or projects that I have completely forgotten about and have two sad little rows on with neither ‘will’ nor ‘want’ to do any more.

There are those who can keep old projects for years and end up hiding them around the house, but I feel too sorry for the yarn.  Better to release it back into the wilderness of my stash than to leave it neglected in the corner.


So far so good. I have finished my Christmas “Sittin’ & Knittin’ socks”.  These are the plain socks I knitted over Christmas to let my brain (which may or may not have been hitting the seasonal drinks) unwind.  These socks have seen nearly every Christmas special that catch-up TV can offer and have been a pleasing balm for my snotty flu brain.

If you remember, I wasn’t sure about the colour, but it has grown on me (even if it is more uncooked aubergine rather than “choc mint”). Being Jitterbug (mmm Jitterbug) it is lovely and soft and deliciously decadent merino.  Not that I am addicted (or even sponsored by them!) but you have to love a yarn that is practically named for me (when LouBug dances, she is the Jitterbug!). Even better, the colours look like a kids colouring book.


I am also pleased to report the completion of my “Katniss” socks, which were started to celebrate the second Hunger Games film.  The colour reminded me of the forest greens in the film and the criss-cross pattern looked like a plat (which Katniss wears), as well as the fence around District 12.


The pattern is a CookieA “Wandia” from Sock Innovation, which I have made before, but this time I made a teeny balls up on the cuff (K2 P2 K1 P2). On one sock the K1 is exactly 1 stitch jogged to the right of the main pattern.  This means that it doesn’t line up with the first diamond.  Grr….


I consider it a point of personal growth that I did not frog the damn thing and start over! Admittedly it is hard to spot (I challenge you to see the fault in the two cuff pictures).  But I consider it a bad sign that I still notice it (despite the hazy yarn) and I accept that if it still bothers me after the first wear and wash I will be doing a franken-sock chop and graft to fix it *sigh*.


So, anyone joining me on Finish up February? How many row counters are you aiming for?



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