Knitting with Moss


No, not some new fangled knitting craze (see camel-hair knitting), but me trying out a brand new stitch. Moss stitch!

My reasoning for trying out a new stitch was two-fold. First of all, if I have to knit another snood (and I do – I have to have a matching snood to accompany my lovely wrist warmers!), then it cannot be another garter stitch one!

My second reasoning was something more green…envy! My young knitting novice from the (now defunct) Stitch ‘n Bitch group has gone knitting crazy and was sporting a really nice looking moss stitch snood the other day. This just won’t do – I’m supposed to be the knitter here! Terrible person that I am, and not to be out-done, here I am knitting a moss stitch snood…


The knitting is coming out surprisingly flat, compared to all that garter stitch, and looks really good. I cast on an uneven number of stitches (advice from Google, of course). I chose 27, as it was similar to the 26 cast on I did for one of my favourite snoods. I’m going to see how it goes, but I’m thinking of knitting the 100g that I have and see how the length goes.

I’ve gone for the k1, p1, k1 rows 1 & 4, and p1, k1, p1 rows 2 & 3 approach. So far, so good.

the killing

After a marathon session of The Killing last night, and after 20 episodes of Danish ‘whodunnit’, to my great relief I’ve finally found out who killed Nanna Birk Larsen. My Danish vocab is now tip-top and life is once again my own – I can now move on from simple knitting plus subtitle reading.  Bring on the snood!



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