Mitts United!


Yes! Finally! My lone Let’s Knit “Shiraz” wrist warmer has been united with its twin! I am taking comfort in the fact that twins, even identical ones, are not actually identical…as this “twin” wrist warmer is a teeny bit different from the other one. I did bite the bullet and rip back three rows to amend a glaring mistake, but let the mini mistake slide. I just couldn’t face messing it up after what felt like a million false starts. I seemed to manage the first one fine, but for some reason the second one felt like a lot more effort.


The first warmer was, shamefully, started back in October (see original post), and I just haven’t been bothered to start the other one. It was the same with the baby bootie I knitted, I had a brain block at knitting the other one…so it remained alone. If there is a lesson here, it is don’t knit anything that requires a pair. LouBug can breath a sigh of relief – I won’t be challenging her on the sock knitting front just yet!

The original wrist warmer was left languishing in a knitting bag partly because whenever I started the other one I kept doing it wrong and had to start over (another lesson learnt – don’t try and follow a pattern, chat AND drink coffee at the same time). The other problem was, that in my haste to sew it up I completely forgot to leave a gap for my thumb. A short un-picking sesson later and hey presto, a much improved wrist warmer!



So here they are, united. Short of holding my camera in my mouth I couldn’t quite manage to get both warmers in one shot…but here it is. Complete, finally!!


As my mind often does, it is now wandering thinking about…you’ve guessed it – snoods! I know, I know, I did make a promise of no more boring knitted snoods. But, with loads of this wool left over and my lovely new wrist warmers crying out for a matching item, what am I to do?




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