The Path to Glory…Getting There!


I was very pleased to see that my patterns on Ravelry have been steadily growing in number of favourites.  In less than a year, my sock scrap pillow pattern, my own personal favourite, is now on 60 favourites!


It is only listed on two project – which isn’t as tragic as it sounds, because I know that I am rubbish at using Ravelry to track my projects but I tend to favourite things I print out and then make.  So if everyone who tagged ‘favourite’ for this (plus a few that didn’t use the clicky buttons) made one, then there could be a pile of these pillows out in the world.  Possibly a “me” sized pile…..

It is a very strange thought that ideas I have made are now out there in the world and being used and gifted and adapted.   Which automatically makes me wonder what changes have been made. What else could I do with this pattern? Who have they been made for?

I know that Cat is hard to shift from his (helped by its proximity to the radiator), which makes me wonder if any of these have ended up making the cat-world a nicer place.

It would be fantastic to see some of these, so if you have made one, please link the project on Ravelry so that I can be nosey!



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