No More Snoods!


Okay, okay, this is my FINAL snood – I promise! I think this is number 5, although there may be others lurking in the back of my draw somewhere. The particular benefit of this snood, which clearly puts it a cut above all the others, is that the colour matches the poppers on my new coat.

Yes. This is how sad I’ve become. It is, in fact, enormous so has the added joy of collecting bits of what ever I’m eating and prevents me from seeing where I am walking, as I can no longer see my feet. This is, of course, a small price to pay for a snood that actually matches the colour of my coat poppers.


I hesitate to use the word “yarn” to describe the material I used to create this giant beauty. It is more like something KnitWit senior would use to tether his boat to a mooring. It is described on the wool band as Supa Dupa Extra Chunky, which is a fair description.

It is a joy to knit for lazy knitters like me though, the snood was whipped up in a matter of minutes (sort of). My newly acquired 15mm needles were put to very good use.


So, onwards and upwards fellow knitters. My next knitting venture is uncertain at the moment, although my first subscription issue of Let’s Knit arrived a few days ago, so I’ve no doubt there are a few pages of inspiration awaiting me.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 19:28:56

    I’m off to check the colour of my coat’s poppers. I might have to knit myself a Supa Dupa Extra Chunky cowl or scarf to match if not. You could be starting a trend 😀 Sod the NDS skinny cashmere/silk/underbelly of kittens type of yarn – supa dupa, extra chunky rope-like yarn that matches poppers is obviously the Next Big Thing in knitting 😆 Thanks for brightening up my evening.


  2. KnitWit
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 13:13:20

    I love the idea of being a trend setter (deluded!). Laughed at the idea of trying to knit with the fuzzy kitten under belly 😀


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