Knitting Resolutions


Well, the new year is definitely here and, unlike Cat (see above), we are all back to work again.  The decorations are very much away and the stash has had to settle back into its box after its Christmas goodies expansion.  I fear a stash diet maybe unavoidable (either that or buy a bigger box…)


Looking back at 2013, my main knitting achievement has to be actually knitting the good stuff.  This may sound a strange thing to be proud of, but I realised that I seem to have fast become a collector of nice yarn – yarn that I would then not knit because it was too nice!

Sock yarn was a particular hard one to beat, as I had gathered a nice collection of hand – dyed, merino and sparkly yarn.  My knitter instinct was to “save” them for a worthy (ie mind blowingly beautiful and complex) pattern.  This was particularly unlikely with the self-striping and haze yarns, as heavy coloured yarn rarely works with complex patterns


So, both new and long-term residents of the “special” stash have now been forced into the light and knitted up.

I can now even happily knit a basic sock pattern with my nice yarn (rather than feeling like I was wasting it).  The socks in the picture were started on Christmas morning and are Jitterbug (mint choc).

It is hard to see in the picture, but the yarn is sort of aubergine purple with uncooked aubergine green flashes.  This is a perfect example of yarn previously destined to stay in long-term stash as the short, contrasting, colour flashes would make a pattern disappear.  But I shall snuggle my feet in 100% merino decadence instead!


Looking ahead to the new year, I am going to try to broaden my knitting horizons and learn new techniques.  On the radar is something called Brioche stitch (which creates a two colour surface texture).  It creates a double-sided fabric (a bit like double knitting) but it has a bulk to it (like cables) which apparently help trap heat.


I am also keen to give Tunisian crochet a go, I have done a sample of it before, but now is the time to try more than just the basic stitch.  This uses a knitting needle length crochet hook and each row is done in two parts.  This looks good for creating scarves as it apparently has good drape and non-curling edges.

What plans do you have for the new year?



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