Chunky Yarn Knitting


Well, 2014 is here and I am happy to report that I have already started and finished TWO projects.  KnitWit’s influence has led me back towards chunky and a little LYS trip on the 31st also left me buying some of the light reflective “Lumio” yarn (which I spotted first, but KnitWit has already claimed blog glory on).


For those who haven’t seen this yet, it is basically an acrylic chunky that has a thin thread of a light reflective fabric (think of the high-vis stripes on trainers).   It comes with a back of the ball band pattern for a hat (which KnitWit made) and it comes in a variety of colours.


It is hard to photograph, but it looks like it has small bright white speckles in it as it catches the light.  This look especially cool when you have it in a shadow, or are out in the dark, as the light seems to come from nowhere.


I decided to make a snood with it, and I think it has come out rather well. I cast on 20 and I kept going until I had about 2 foot of yarn left – I used this to graft the end to the beginning. I was really pleased that I made it all during a lost afternoon of film watching.  I love it when the light catches it as it looks like someone has turned on a fibre optic glow thread. I have to admit that I do keep showing unsuspecting people at work (even the kids) just because the coolness needs to be shared.


Another win for 2014 is this new mauve hat.

The yarn (Hayfield chunky with wool) is from Ally Pally and the pattern is “Starving Artist” by Laura Linnerman.   I spotted a friend at work with a similar hat, totally coveted it, and did a full-out books, folder and internet search to find the right pattern.

Now, I am not a massive hat wearer and I am very much a weather dependant hat wearer (whether it is preventing sunstroke or hyperthermia) but this one has been out several times already despite the weather only being a bit wet.  This may become the hat that converted me – stranger things have happened!


Fresh on the needles, and despite the fact that I have 3 other jumpers on the go, I also cast on a new jumper (it sort of just happened, I blame the mulled wine).

I am using my own pattern (Big Grey Huggle Jumper) and it is a relaxing k2p2 with shaping.  Part of me really loves these 400g balls of yarn, as there is a definite hobbit knitting comedy appeal about them, with the added bonus of nothing but cast on/off ends to be woven at the end.

Anyone else have a burst of activity fuelled by mince pies and box-sets?



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  1. atangledyarn84
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 16:00:35

    I LOVE chunky yarn 🙂


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