Feeling a bit Smug #knitting


Well, the Christmas knits are done! And all of this despite a rancid bout of flu that saw the whole LouBug house (cat and all) a big snotty mess. The week before Christmas was a bit of a blur.

Being flued-up, I forgot to take photos of my Christmas knits, but here is a picture of the monster mittens I made for KnitWit’s offspring.  Based on a much-loved pair I had as a child (the pattern was bodged together from a few children’s mitten patterns on Ravelry).  Understanding my nephews, as I do, I made sure they had exactly the same (in different sizes) and made sure that the “bad” red mitten had extra pointy teeth.


Now I can stop thinking about other people and become happily entrenched in selfish ‘me’ knitting!

So to start the year, I have now moved onto a bit of stash busting. I have adapted a sock yarn scarf from a very lovely lady at knit club.  The idea is to use up sock scrap and break it up with purl facing stripes to add a bit of texture and interest.


The main idea behind this is to finish up my large bag of 25g sized left overs. I am now on mitre cushion number 4, and I am running out of places to put them!

This also helps me use up some of the cheap sock yarn I bought in bulk (it was about £2 for 50g!). When I realised it felted like a good-un,  I turned one 200g bag into a felted purse, one 50g ball into felted mittens. Two 50g balls became the fateful pair of socks that shrank from Mr LouBug size to my sized in just one wash (the howl of frustration could be heard two counties over).


Another plan for 2014 is to make a log cabin quilt style cushion top (based on the very lovely one I saw in the Mason Dixie book).  I am not sure if I am going to have these as long thin sausage pillows (to lean your back on) or sew 4 together and make a playmat for the nieces/nephews in the garden.  The possibilities are happily there to be played with.


Anyone else got any plans for using up sock yarn scrap?



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