High-Vis & Giant Pom Poms


Unfortunately this photo doesn’t quite do this beauty justice…In real life the colour is much more fluorescent-chic (complete with integrated light reflecting particles), and the pom-pom is much, much larger.

I did intend on creating an extra-large pom-pom, but didn’t bank of it actually testing the strength of my neck muscles. Too much wearing of this woolly hat may well lead to me sporting an enlarged bull-dog style neck, not really the butch look I generally go for. Short of pruning the thing, there’s not much I can do.


This hat was a perfect knit for me – super quick (one evening from start to finish), and knitted in my favourite chunky wool on my trusty 10mm needles. K2P2 all the way.




My next venture is going to be even more chunky, another essential snood with supa dupa extra chunky with my new 15mm needles. I’m one small step from knitting with a couple of broom handles I fear.


Before then I need to have a short, sharp phone call to LouBug to question her priorities. Where are her blog posts?!!



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