What an Angel!


My cosy Rowan bargain yarn blanket is coming along nicely. It’s a great one for my Friday afternoon knit group, no mistakes so far (unlike the deformed wrist warmer that I had to rip back…). It also has the added bonus of keeping my legs warm as I knit, drink and bitch chat.

In the comfort of my own home though I have been trying something slightly more challenging. I unearthed a festive Let’s Knit free Christmas angel kit I got from Ally Pally and thought I’d give it a go.

Admittedly I haven’t got very far, but there is a definite time limit on this one so I’d better get a move on. A knitted angel this time of year is an outstanding object to have adorning ones shelves. A knitted angel hanging around in the bleak month of January just looks like it missed the last storage bus to the loft.


If this delight comes out as glorious as it appears in my mind’s eye, then it will take the prime spot on top of our Christmas tree. Our real Christmas tree…REAL! Oh yes, how my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better this year.

No more risk of small pine needles being transferred from hot little hand to salivating mouth. No danger of being pulled down in a dramatic tree meets toddler embrace. One year our sad little table top tree was almost brushing the ceiling to prevent an eager pair of mitts getting to it. Thankfully this year, dreams of Santa loot is IN and attempts to shorten ones life through fairy light electrocution/tinsel strangulation is OUT, at last!!


Anyway, best get cracking with that Angel…



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