Calling all Debbie Bliss fans!

debbie bliss

Check out this webchat with hand-knit designer, yarn developer and author Debbie Bliss.

Debbie Bliss webchat.

I particularly liked the answer to one question

“I still see myself as being a small cottage industry. I’m licensed to Designer Yarns limited which means that they deal with all the buying and selling of the yarn, warehousing, export etc, which leaves me free to concentrate on what I love – designing, choosing yarns, and the whole journey from first finding a yarn to the final stages of photography.

I work in a studio at home with Theresa, my assistant, and my daughter Nel has now joined me to work on a new product side of the business. This means that work life is firmly entwined with home life, which means the day being interrupted by two manic dogs and our ‘office baby’ who comes in with mother Charlotte, who is also working on a product line. I also have a freelance pattern checker and pattern complier who work from their homes. I love to work like this. There’s nothing corporate or heirarcichal about it. We occasionally dance if something comes up…”



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