Problems with Deadline Knitting


Ok, so I might be nearly finished on the Christmas knits, but I have now started to drift off task.  I feel like the kid at the back of the classroom who is quietly doodling despite knowing that there will be a test at the end.

There is something about knitting to a deadline that sucks the joy out of the whole thing (which is reasons 1 to 1000 why I could never knit for a living).  A large part of this is that it removes the ability to knit to match your mood and flit between things on whim, and that is a big part of my evening project choosing routine.

Let’s face it, some evenings I have been known to knit one or two rows on five different projects trying to find one to settle on (but hey, every row counts!).


In my defence, I have been working really hard on knitting for others.  And there is only so much knitting you can do for others before your own, neglected, projects start to call you (oh so softly, oh so pathetically) from the pile.  That scarf, that sock, that arm-less jumper, all wonderful projects and all pushed to the back for Operation Christmas.  And of course my heart mittens.


My excuse for finishing off my own heart mittens ahead of the deadline knitting is that I needed the needles.  Please ignore the other sets I have that would do as well. It is my Knit-Pro Novas I want to use (as they are really good for tight mitten knitting) and in fairness I am concerned that in order to knit wind-proof mittens I will have to knit like iron (which – in theory- could endanger my bamboo needles).


The yarn is the DK “Skein With No Name” I bought from the bargain bin in Mandy’s wool (in the West Country). It was a £1 each for 3 25g skeins and well worth the fibre gamble as it is a lovely bright blue.  I have no idea what it is but it feels like a coarse hand spun and should wear well for frosty morning break duties.


I have double lengthen the cuff (so it can be turned over for extra draft prevention).  The colour-work is the left over alpaca from the gorgeous chain mittens (the hearts used a surprisingly small amount, watch this space for the green to creep into more mittens!) and I love the colour contrast it has produced.  Annoyingly, I botched the first finger decreases and had to re-do them but I figured that it will spend longer bugging me than it will take to fix.

So now they are done, time to stagger over the deadline finish line.



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