Made Up Knitted Cowl


Yes! My latest cowl is both “made up” (complete), and, well, made up! I am a very slack knitter, I didn’t write down how many stitches I cast on, or indeed how many rows I knitted. Very Poor!

What I do know is that the yarn was a bargain-bin-dipping delight (Marble chunky), and I knitted the full 200g with 6mm needles. The cast on was about 40 I think…don’t quote me on that though!


This cowl seems to have the very fabric of recent history knitted into it. Row upon row nervously knitted as I waited for news on my house move. More rows added as I sat waiting to start my first ever Stitch ‘n Bitch group. Knit, knit, knit. Rows knitted as I made new friends, knitting in public in broad daylight. Knit, knit, knit. Weather turning from summer warmth to winter cool. Beautiful sunshine and late evenings to curtains drawn at 4pm and the heating on. Knit, knit, knit.

And here it is. Complete.

Despite its cheapo price and non-fancy heritage (100% acrylic, sorry wool fans!), it does sit very nicely around my (now freezing) neck. I’ve had several lovely compliments – possibly because of the expert display of knitting prowess, or possibly disbelief that I had enough staying power to actually finish this giant cowl…not really sure.


Either way, it does actually hang really nicely and I’m sure it’ll have many outings this winter.

Oh, and one other thing. Dulwich Village Stitch ‘n Bitch has literally DOUBLED in size since last week. Yes, TWO recruits came on Friday – HURRAH!!!




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  1. knittingmydayaway
    Nov 29, 2013 @ 17:06:36

    It looks great! I love the selfstriping action. Im planning on making one of these scarfs for my daughter, think I’ve decided on yarn but cant seem to make up my mind about a pattern….


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