Stash Management #knittingstash


Ok, I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I unpacked the stash to have a quick look…

I did go in with good intentions (stash diving for the last Christmas knits) but then got a little distracted and I have bagged up about 4 new projects.


Stash exploration is never a good idea, especially when on a time budget, as it always results in a mass casting-on as ideas fly around my head.

These range from wonderful new plans, or simply remembering what I originally wanted to do when I bought it.  I also get to look in wonder at the range of yarn I own – ranging from eyelash fun-fur to Kidsilk-haze, that only proves that I do not have the ability to walk past a sale bin.

Then, of course, I unpacked the sock yarn…


A short while ago I decided to reign in my sock stash when I realised that I had about 70 socks’ worth.  On average I can knock out of a pair of finished socks in a fortnight, so I worked out that it would take me just under 3 years to knit it all up.  And let us be honest, I am not currently finishing a pair a fortnight. Giant granny squares, jumpers, mittens and flowers keep pulling at my interest.  So I decided to adopt a “one in one out” approach to stash management.


Worryingly, this has resulted in my sock yarn showing a growth spurt (just over 80 balls).  Yes, I do like buying it, but I genuinely thought I was maintaining a good “yarn in-yarn out” ratio.  I have also actively curbed the habit of buying sock yarn in pairs (not pairs of socks but two whole sock skeins at a time). It was a bit of a weakness for me, as I found it difficult to settle on just one colour.

Sadly I don’t seem to be any better at sock stash reduction, just better at squeezing more skeins into the zip-lock back (one has an impressive 16 balls squeezed into it).  This then has the problem of stash explosion (if the top comes undone) and the inevitable problems when rooting out the yarn at the bottom of the bag.


I have always joked about laying down yarn for my future child-rearing (and budget restricted) years ahead, but I am rapidly reaching the point when the kid will be at university before I have even made a dent…



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