#StitchnBitch #DulwichVillage First Meet-Up!


Yes, quite a lot of progress on the knitted cowl this afternoon…yes, that was largely because I was sitting ALONE in a pub knitting ALONE on a Friday afternoon…ALONE! Frenzied knitting, so that I didn’t look like a total weirdo sipping my Earl Grey in the corner…knitting.

It did remind me of that strange self-conscious feeling you get when you first step out and try and feed a teeny baby for the first time in public. Thinking everyone is looking, when in reality nobody really cares. This time round there was less chance of flashing a nipple at a random stranger, which was a bonus.

I did fear this would happen, due to the slightly last-minute and slightly poor efforts to advertise, but hey ho all was not lost. My trusted and loyal friend turned up after a while and all of a sudden I changed from a lone crazy knitter lady to a Stitch ‘n Bitch group!

Hilariously, we became mini celebs in the pub, chatting to the glass collector and a couple of personal trainers at the table opposite. Even in 2013, in London, we were a curiosity. My new fellow Stitch ‘n Bitcher, who claimed not to be able to knit, was knit, knit, knitting like a pro in no time at all and really enjoyed it. I started her off on some 6mm needles and some chunky, so as to see some progress fast and not get fed-up. No worries there though…another convert mwhaa haa haa!

The interesting thing was everyone we talked to was really enthusiastic about our woolly pursuit, from the ‘would love to learn’ to the ‘I love knitting, are you here next week?’. The enthusiasm was catching, so I’ve dismissed my earlier thought to give up and will be turning up bushy tailed next week. Am still toying with the dilemma as to whether a glass of wine before school pick-up is acceptable…any thoughts?

Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich Village, London Friday 1-3pm



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