Out of the (Knitting) Loop



As if proof were needed, here it is – I am officially OUT OF THE LOOP! Several exciting things have been going on, all of which I have found out about after the event.

1. Norwegian Sheep to Jumper challenge to beat the world record (shamefully found out about this from my couldn’t-care-less-about-knitting father…after the event of course). Yes, hours and hours of watching someone else shear a sheep, spin the yarn and knit a jumper. The surprising thing about this programme (hours and hours of it), was not that knitting featured on prime-time TV, but that people actually watched it.

Speculation varied from the profound (“a renewed appreciation for nature and heritage”), to just plain laziness (“I only meant to tune in for a minute but I watched for hours”). Tragically the Norwegian team were some way off the world record, held by the Australians, but an interesting alternative to other fancy/clever/high-speed programmes on offer.

2. Wool Week UK 2013

Another one that passed me by (although I did notice some intersting over-sized needles and yarn in H&M Oxford Street, London, a few weeks ago. Should have been a clue…

I’m particularly gutted that I missed “John Lewis’ Oxford Street window will come to life as live knitters knit their way around a plain white room setting. The installation will develop over the course of Wool Week, emerging as a flurry of colourful knit patterns”.

3. Knit your own vegetables in Dulwich Park

So near, but yet so far. Seasonal knitting workshops to turn Dulwich Park into a wintery woven wonderland – helped by KnitterKnitKnitKnit

Clearly when I moved house I didn’t realise I was in fact moving to a massive underground cave, where no interesting information can ever penetrate. Boo hoo.



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