One Warm Wrist & A Horse


Following on from my last post, where I posted a far superior piece of knitting from my mother-in-law (mini grandad cardigan) on the off-chance someone didn’t read the blog and thought I had created it…behold the horse jumper!

Any regular readers will spot immediately that I, KnitWit, did not knit this masterpiece – but I can dream.

In the flesh, this jumper is an outstanding mix of an excellent fitting, brilliant intarsia and a really creative mix of yarns. The long horse hair is particularly clever.

This jumper is the embodiment of years and years of knitting expertise mixed with the focus of knitting for someone well-loved, in this case a lovely granddaughter. So loved is this jumper that it resulted in a U-turn to return to get it when it was left at my house by accident, in spite of a good 5 hour drive home in front of them.

Bet they wouldn’t have done that to retrieve a jumper from Primark…

Hand knitting 1 – Bargain bin jumpers 0!

Anyway, back to the real world…


Here’s my arm…correction, my wool-clad extra warm arm.

There are two problems with this otherwise excellent knitted arm warmer. Firstly, it is slightly too big. It is more useful as a leg warmer. This is not the fault of the Let’s Knit pattern – a good friend tried on the arm warmer and it fitted fine.

I guess you could blame my parents for producing a specimen with unnaturally scrawny arms. Ho hum. Either way, the warmer has a habit of sliding off my arm. Not great.

Moving on to my second problem. When sewing up the seam, in my haste I forgot to leave a gap for my thumb. Not totally unfixable, but annoying nonetheless.


LouBug has helpfully suggested that I use the wrist warmer as a sleeve (it fits my upper arm fine), knit another and then a back. Voila – A shrug! I do have acres of that red and black yarn afterall, thanks to Ally Pally.

Anyway, I shall knit the other one and see how I go. I’m sure that once the warmers are over the top of a jumper sleeve they’ll fit just fine…Unless anyone can recommend an arm-fattening diet?



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. knittingmydayaway
    Nov 05, 2013 @ 21:27:22

    I guess you could always lift some weights and see if that will help make your arm bulkier. Or…you could give it as a christmas present to someone with bigger arms…


  2. KnitWit
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 14:42:36

    Good idea – a bit like Popeye…crack open the spinach!


  3. lucie
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 10:32:08

    what a nice horse!!! Yes a half hour u-turn with much blaspheming from dad!


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