The Problem With Starting Knitting Projects…


As I mentioned last week, one stash busting/management technique I have been using is to cast on new projects. The logic is that new projects make me look through my stash box and turn pretty yarn into potential products.

It is a good system as it does keep what I have fresh in mind and prevent random purchases on the grounds that I already have something similar. It is also quite nice to bag up projects (with patterns and needles) and then I can start them at my leisure.


The problem is I also really like making project bags and I now have a bit of a collection of bags in different shapes and sizes. This isn’t a massive problem, but it does remove a natural stopping point for bagging up projects. The sky is then technically the limit for casting on and the only thing really governing how many projects I can have is the number of row counters I have available.

I really like row counters on projects. I know that many knitters prefer to use tape measures but I like the certainty of knowing exactly how many rows each sock/sleeve has. It also prevents the impulse to stretch things to get to your goal length (to then watch in horror as it shrinks upwards on the first wash).


Denial is wonderful and I am quite happy to not know how many row counters I actually own. All I know is that despite the fact I keep buying them there is never one free when I need it. Is there a little sprite taking them in the night? I have had a stern talking to Cat and he hasn’t taken them, Mr LouBug wouldn’t know what to do with one and I don’t think KnitWit “borrowed” them when she house sat…

projects bags

Ok, I may have more than a few project on the go (small projects for the most part and it is easy to lose track of them in my project box). But surely I would run out of needles and bags first? Conspiracy theory is the only logical explanation!

So own up, who is really taking those row counters?!



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