Nope, it really isn’t a Knitted Hat…


Well, the dust has settled from Ally Pally and I am keen to justify my yarn spending by starting new projects. This is tied up in the warped logic that if the yarn doesn’t actually enter the main stash then (technically) I can’t be judged by Cat and Mr LouBug for yarn hoarding.


First up is actually my cheapest yarn. Technically free (I got it when I renewed my Let’s Knit subscription). I give you King Cole’s “Funky Felts” yarn (the pink one on the left). It is a funny fibre as it is basically acrylic fleece cut into a 1cm strip.


A nice quick make (started and finished on Sunday). Here it is, hot off the needles (or hook in this case), my first made item, a crocheted yarn bowl for me to take to knit nights.

It is designed to live in my knit bag, nicely folded up poised to spring into action and keep my yarn from rolling all the way to the bar.


The yarn I made it with was actually quite lovely to work with. It was very soft and it had a nice spring to it (making it good for crochet). It would be good to make other structural items (bags, cat baskets etc) and should work for garments if it was knitted. I will admit that I am basing the design on a similar bowl I saw made from “Hoopla” but I think that this actually came out nicer as it has more “bounce”.


To help keep it nice and clean, I have added a PVC print piece of fabric (stash dove from my fabric box) and a loop and button to stop it getting crushed.

Worryingly, Mr LouBug did think it was a hat and was very polite about how it looked (especially as I put it on my head to help stretch it out). It did worry me – if he could be nice about that, then what disasters has he politely let pass?!



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